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Dominic Agoro-Ombaka

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> Animation

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Scooters Chicken, a 30-second commercial for a local restaurant that wanted to portray a national image. The food and restaurant exterior are both fully-CG, built from existing high-quality studio photography. This allowed for quick movements to keep up the energy of the cartoon intro, while still maintaining realism.

My Cool Mobile Spot, a ringtone commercial shown in Finland and southeastern US. I was given rough storyboards and drawings of the character, and transformed them into a 3d animation. The 2d motion graphics were done by another artist.

0:30 Commercial (DivX AVI)
Wireframe outtakes (DivX AVI)

> Motion Graphics

An excerpt from a motion graphics piece created to hilight the movies my employer has been involved in producing. The project required me to animate the pre-existing movie posters and footage in interesting ways and to call out the various stars of the movies.

Motion Graphics Piece (DivX AVI)

> Interactive

DRCM 3090: The Game is a Blender game-engine project I've been working on as an independent study course. Rather than use constraining Logic Bricks, I chose to code everything in Python. The biggest thing it taught me was how to recognize a problem, break it down into parts, and solve it, often with small custom tools. Everything you see here was recorded live, though converted to 30fps to be shown on DVD.

Intro Video DivX AVI, MPEG-1
Gameplay DivX AVI, MPEG-1

> Rigging

Here's the Blender setup for my characters. Click the above image for quick instructions, and use the included script to toggle the controls. Uses the classic (Blender 2.3x) armatures.

Download rig.zip.

> Python

I wrote plenty of code for my game (3000+ lines), along with many small non-realtime tools to overcome the limitations of the Blender game engine. The best of which is a tool to copy radiosity to standard meshes. One script creates materials based on UV textures, and another copies the radisity mesh's vertex colors back to the unsubdivided mesh, while shifting colors back to white so that textures can be cleanly multiplied on top. Click the image above for details.

Download CopyRadio.zip Requires Blender 2.37 or above